This post contains a few various thoughts for me too.

Peter Montgomery wrote:
> The Bavarians were particularly conscious of being pure breds.

I get the impression that Americans love having mixed ancestry.

Peter Montgomery wrote:
> It would be neat if we could check some headlines to see if Sheila was
> right.

Maybe one of the U.K. members could check the microfilm records for a few
papers the next time they are in a library.   The Lusitania was sunk on
May 7, 1915 (BTW, Jean Verdenal mort aux Dardanelles May 2, 1915)

    Rick Parker

P.S.  I realized that after sending my Marblehead post that I may have
looked like a Marblehead myself.  I said that "Dawn rises over
Marblehead" means "someone whose head is as dense as granite finally
sees the light."  It looks like I mixed up my rocks but I didn't.  The
New England shore north of Boston is largely granite headlands.  The
first settlers in the area weren't geologists and called the granite