Marcia Karp wrote:
> Francis Gavin wrote:
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> Auden rewrote after publication.  Wordsworth.  Others?

Pope. But he improved his poems in the rewriting. Can that be said of
Auden and Wordsworth?


> I think it is the New York Edition you want.  Is that right, Jamesians?

And the great domed head, _con gli occhi onesti e tardi_
Moves before me, phantom with weighted motion,
_Grave incessu_ drinking the tone of things,
And the old voice lifts itself
        weaving an endless sentence.
        (Canto VII)

Does anyone else on this list share my delight in _The Sacred Fount_?

James did join the warhawks in 1914 though, taking out British
citizenship to protest America's failure to enter the insane bloodbath.

"Weighted motion" in the lines above, a _phantom_ with weighted
_motion_. There are so few writers that can achieve such absolute

> Marcia