Francis Gavin wrote:

> James only became more James, that is to say the ultimate critic of
> his own work once he decided to completely re-do his entire output, an
> extremely precious and ultimately aging Jamesian notion. I can't think
> of another artist in any medium who has done this. One of the biggest
> mistakes one can make when finally ceding the time to crack James is
> trying to read the rewrites first. And publishers often neglect  to
> mention which one they're selling you.
Dear Gavin,

James rewrote because of what he'd learned from Flaubert: how to efface
oneself using the technique of point-of-view.  His not wanting his work
to be left behind does not seem to me "an extremely precious and
ultimately aging Jamesian notion".  The fortunate combination of timing
and James' ability and desire to keep learning his art and craft are

Auden rewrote after publication.  Wordsworth.  Others?

I think it is the New York Edition you want.  Is that right, Jamesians?