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> On your web page, Rick, you have pointed out that the "Starnbergersee"
> (mentioned just before the characters enter the Hofgarten) is the historic
> site where a royal member of the Hapsberg family, Ludwwig, was found dead
> under suspicious circumstances, possibly having been killed by members of his
> own royal family. When TWL was written, the Russian revolution has already
> happened, and the Tzar (and the family of the Tzar) has been killed by fellow
> Russians (the Bolsheviks). So, while they 'drank coffee and talked for an
> hour' (that is, they were conversing a long time and there is conversation
> missing from the reader) I can imagine a conversation like this:
> "Ludwig was killed at the Starnbergersee by his own family -- kind of like
> the Russians killing their own Tzar. Say, you're not Russian are you, since
> your family seems to act like the Bolsheviks?"
> (indignantly) "I'm not Russian. I'm from Lithuania. Pure German."

A well imagined dialogue, dear Steve.

My grandmother was Estonian, a citizen of another Baltic state, and she used
to tell me that their people felt much closer to the Germans than to the
Russians whom they considered peasants.

Therefore being taken for a Russian was an insult. The revolution of the
proletariat was, of course, a menace to the bourgeois class she belonged to.