On every list I'm on (including this one) nearly every single subscriber
who posts (including, in this case, Jacek Niecko) states his/her
opinions forcefully and bluntly, with implications that those who
disagree are very wrong. And on every single list there is a
sub-division of subscribers who have nothing better to do than whine
that so and so is too blunt in his or her views. If you think X is
wrong, argue that X is wrong, rather than trying to muddy the springs of
discourse by arguing that the person who asserts X is rude to poor
little you.

Try talking about the world (or the poems in it or both) instead of
talking about other people and discussion (even vicious discussion) gets
much clearer.

Jacek presents his post as a definitive statement on how wrong it is for
anyone to make definitive statements.


Jacek Niecko wrote:
> Although all this sophisticated disputation is well above, beyond, and out
> of my intellectual range--after all, I am just a semi-literate immigrant
> from John Paul II's, Zbigniew Brzezinski's, Nicolas Copernicus', Lech
> Walesa's, Adam Zagajewski's, and Czeslaw Milosz's "native realm"--I gladly
> admit to REJOICING when I see that there are OTHER PEOPLE in this universe
> who ALSO have a problem with the attitude exhibited by Nancy Gish--so
> immersed in her sense of superiority vis-a-vis the rest and so free of any
> sense of proportion vis-a-vis her definitive pronouncements on whatever
> subject may conceivably come up--T or OT--
> If these cascades of authoritative widom came from, say, Helen Vendler, or,
> say, Cynthia Ozick, or, say, the late Diana Trilling, or, say, the equally
> late Mary McCarthy, one would say, well, all is well in this, the best of
> all worlds...
> But Nancy Gish?
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> > Do you have a button that automatically lights up and screeches the
> > minute you see my name?  And do you think you might stick to issues for
> > a change and stop snarling at me personally?  It gets tiresome.  Very.
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> > Ignoring does not seem to have any effect.
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> > If you took a moment and read the post, you would know it was posted by
> > a
> > list member and is no more an ad than your own political posts. In light
> > of which, your question to Peter--who would set the standards--is well
> > taken.
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> > At 08:12 PM 2/24/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> > >Much as I loathe the notion of monitoring, I would make an exception for
> > >Earthrise Press, whoever they are.  I do not like being subjected to ads
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