Rick Parker writes (2/9/03):

> On the Pound edits on the draft--I believe that
> they were Eliot's own. On the page facing the
> photostat of the draft (the facsimilie) aren't
> Pound's comments color-coded red?
> At any rate the addition of the 'Od
> line appears to be too neat to be Pound's.

 I checked on this and you're right -- the added line is Eliot's. Thanks.

 The point is still valid, however, that in the original draft the structure
of German/English/conjunction is the same for the Hofgarten and hyacinth
garden. Eliot added the "frame" line ("Oed' und leer das Meer.") later.

 By the way, as I was looking at the facsimile edition I noticed that Eliot
circled the entire hyacinth passage and drew an arrow that points to just
under the Hofgarten passage. It looks like he was considering moving the two
passages physically closer together, which would have further emphasized the
relationship of these two sections.

-- Steve --