Peter Montgomery wrote:
> I do remember my supervisor, Sheila Watson saying that on the
> sinking of the Lusitania, which more or less brought the US
> into WWI, ...

The sinking of the Lusitania did rile Americans but did not
immediately lead to its entry in the war.  Quoting from

    On the May 1, 1915 Lusitania left New York for the final time. A
    number of Americans were aboard, including the wealthy Alfred
    Vanderbilt and noted theatre producer Charles Frohman. On May 7 with
    the coast of Ireland in sight, German U-boat U-20 torpedoed
    Lusitania. She sank in 18 short minutes taking 1,195 lives - 123 of
    them American. Although America did not immediately declare war on
    Germany, that would occur in April 1917, her sinking contributed to
    the mood that turned the tide of American public opinion against
    Germany and led the United States to join the Allied cause in World
    War I.

I bother to mention it because I have just published another book on
my website.  "Why We Are At War" by Woodrow Wilson is at

    Rick Parker