I am sorry but I am not presenting my feelings:  I am presenting what polls
have shown all along.  Just read the paper.  My own assessment may be
wrong, but my statement about polls is accurate.

"Britain" does not support us; not even the Labour Party does.  Tony Blair
does, and he--it is now said--could end up out of office over this.  The
British polls show something like 80% opposed, as of tonight's news.

And why the French should assume that a negotiation with us consists of
listening and then agreeing I don't know.  They don't agree.  They are not
stupid or children or mad.  They just don't agree.  And there is no reason
why they have to.  We  might remember they helped save us in 1776 also.
Consultation goes two ways.  No one in Europe is morally, legally,
philosophically, or politically required to find that the US government is,
after all, always right.

You have every right to believe what you like, but the polls do not say
Americans support unilateral war, no matter how you feel.

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> The polls now and all along have shown support for the war IF the UN
> supports it and IF our allies support it.

What allies? the English, the Israelis, the French?  Well, Britain and
Israel do support us, as do a whole lot other nations, and I don't know if
the French matter to us anymore.  Let someone else liberate Paris this
time. That's what everyone I know is saying.  You are just not correct in
your assessment in this, Nancy, about how most Americans feel.  Most
Americans do not feel like you on this matter; they are concerned about a
possible chemical attack by Saddam's operatives and other possible
terrorist attacks. They want us to go into Iraq and do it real quick.
That's how most people here feel. That is really my point of view, too,
but I have been impressed that the head U.N. Inspector, Hans Blix, has
taken himself and his mission seriously, which I believe has helped the
U.N's reputation enormously.