I'm not sure what this necessarily means.  Eliot only published a small
amount.  MacDiarmid published everything.  A lot of it was crap.  But one
could select the best and have more than all of Eliot's work, and it would
be stunning.  This may be a matter of having or being a good editor and
not a matter of talent.

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Nancy Gish wrote:
> In any case, I think SOME lyrics by MacDiarmid and SOME poems by
> Marianne Moore are far more brilliant than SOME poems by Stevens,
> Eliot, et. al.  No one is uniformly just "great."

This is true, but it is also true that a very small number of poets are
never _bad_. Marianne Moore and Alexander Pope are the two that come
mind. I'm less sure about W.C. Williams, but off hand I can't remember any
candidates for _The Stuffed Owl_ written by him. Stevens wrote some
wonderful things -- he also wrote some god-awful things.