He did much more than introduce it.  He published it and also cut and
reshaped it in ways that had a major impact.  He later, however, was not
supportive of Barnes and she felt betrayed.

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Obla Vishvesh wrote:
> I haven't read much of Eliot's criticism on novels,
> except for a few short comments that I have come
> across (on Lawrence, Joyce and Conrad).  Has he made
> any significant comment on the novelists?  If so, is
> it as perceptive as his comments on poets and poetry?
> I would appreciate any related reply.

Eliot submitted criticism anonymously to the Times Literary Supplement.
Just recently the TLS has come up with a list of who wrote what.

Eliot also wrote the introduction to "Nightwood" by Djuna Barnes
and I've seen quotes from it from time to time.

"To say that Nightwood will appeal primarily to readers of poetry does not
mean that it is not a novel, but that it is so good a novel that only
sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it." T.S. Eliot.
"Introduction to Nightwood".

Book info:
Short review:
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide
mentions Fleischer, Georgette. "Djuna Barnes and T. S. Eliot: The Politics
and Poetics of Nightwood." Studies in the Novel 30.3 (Fall 1998): 405-37.

    Rick Parker