Owen had to be in it before he wrote his unbearably wrenching poems.  I
think he imagined if others could read them and know, they would not have
to do it again.  I hope to god we don't have to have the same teacher he

As of today, Bush's approval rating for his handling of Iraq is down 6 points
to 55%, and a majority of Americans want the US to go slow along with
the UN.

I add this because of the constant misrepresentation of the polls.

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"The children have seen so much death
that death means nothing to them now.
They wait in line for bread.
They wait in line for water.
Their eyes are black moons reflecting emptiness.
We've seen them a thousand times."

haha. haha. oh god; haha. wait, but this is also sad.

if this snippet is truly representative of the quality of art being
marshalled against the gathering clouds of war, wilfred owen must be doing
hula gyrations in his grave...


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