How wonderful:  a serious analysis.  The seriousness on all sides is what
makes this so difficult and simplistic name-calling and ad hominem
reactions so disturbing.

As for Eliot, his letters during and just after WWI are very revealing.  He
found the whole thing horrific.  They are not usually political except in his
reactions to the Treaty of Versailles, but they do show his own experience
and response.  He did try to join up when the US entered the war, but
there is none of the Rupert Brook idealization.

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Yeah, Kate, we restored freedom of opinion and political autonomy to the
French; the least they could do in return is suspend their right to
exercise either one for at least 60 years.  Or do you think they are
obliged to support us regardless of how they perceive the merits for
longer than that?  Forever?

By the way, why stop with threatening to punish the French?  About the
same majority of UK citizens oppose the war: why should they get a free
ride just because the PM may not listen to them?  And, if you plan to loot
the Louvre to get back at the French, what are your plans for that half of
the US population that's opposed to the war under current circumstances?

Let's get this straight: the US has advanced serious arguments for why
this war is necessary.  Most of the world rejects them, based on other
serious arguments.  Each side has its cranks motivated by prejudice and
the like, but each side has a legitimate point of view that should be
respected by thoughtful people in opposition.  If you consign all anti-war
types to the "pro-Saddam" heap, then are you "pro-Kim" if you don't
support immediate military action against N. Korea?  And even if you do
support that, there must be some despotic state you don't want to invade
just now.  Does that make you a supporter of the tyrant there?

Tom K

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>Those countries who are allegedly our allies and who do not support us
>now most definitely will pay for it later.  By the way, If I was a member
>of the French Government, I would start hiding the paintings in the
>Louvre now.