Rick, I think EP's hatred of FDR stemmed from FDR's deficit spending, first
to combat the Great Depression then to fight the Axis.  EP's "Usury" poem in
"The Cantos" makes, for me at least, that point.


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From what I've read, putting Pound away in the mental hospital was a
compromise, he wasn't in jail but was confined and that suited many.
Something I've read recently on Pound's broadcasts was that he was
very-pro Mussolini and very anti-Roosevelt and while he may have been
giving aid and comfort to the enemy he was was not treasonous as such
(not having read or heard any of the broadcasts I can't really judge
that.)  The same article said that the Italians were thinking for
awhile to arrest him because his radio broadcasts were so incoherent
they thought he was sending coded messages to the U.S. military.

Sorry, but I cannot bring up the slightest detail of the article that
can help anyone find it.

    Rick Parker