I've seen the essays before. I believe its the bloke
of the same name who wound up being senior prof. at
UVic, just up the road from my grand establishment.
It may well be there are biographical elements in the poem.
They may be very revealing of Eliot's personal life. They
are excellent material for a biographer. They no longer
matter a whit for the aesthetic appreciation of the poem,
unless one wants that kind of subtext. It is an individual

I do thank you for taking the trouble to send me the essays.
They will be handy.

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Peter Montgomery wrote (2/9/03)

> . . .I doubt that there is a biographical
> subtext worthy of any attention.

  Probably the biggest Eliot controversy on the list is whether or not
biography should be introduced into the analysis of TSE's poems.

  I'd like you to consider two essays from a junior professor named John
Peter, written in 1952 and 1969. Due to their size, I'm sending them to
(off list) as three separate emails. If anyone else wants a copy, let me
via off-list email.

  See what you think.

-- Steve --