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    I wonder about your offer to monitor a list.  Apparently there is
not yet a lot of support for a monitored Eliot list.
    However, since the topics of war/ politics seem not to be avoided,
I wonder if you'd have any takes on a list discussing current events?
No ad hominen attacks,  just an enhancement of our understanding of
    Personally, I liked your link to The Crisis Papers and popped it
into my Favorites, as well as passing it along to others.
     It would be useful to have such discussions, share op/ed pieces,
share links to a variety of viewpoints from around the world on
current events. Much of America is sheltered, if that is the proper
term, from much of world opinion and events.  Or we get it in
30-second media sound bites, which is awesome-frustrating if you are
trying for formulate an informed view on a matter.
    A quote from one of Nancy's posts: " I also think that this forum
does become a place where sometimes current
issues are discussed precisely because there is a sense of  "knowing"
other members--not personally but as an intellectual community.  And
those are people one might like to hear from or talk with in crises."
    What do you think?

ps.  I have certain annoying posters in my "blocked senders" list.
Hi Dorothy,
   I suspect there was a problem with some HTML (web design) code
that caused your response to my letter to bounce.
   As to your suggestion that we have a forum on current affairs, that
might off load some of the distractions from the Eliot list, I would
say that that is a reasonable alternative. Assuming I have read your
suggestion properly. I would indeed have someenergy for such a list,
given that I think the role of the media in all this is sadly ignored.
    My suggestion was partly motivated by the idea that people might think
differently about their participation here, if there was a real alternative,
as opposed to the current opportunity that simply allows complaining.
    I think your suggestion is a really good alternative to mine, although,
again, one could question whether it would work, if people weren't
interested in helping to make it work.
Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
Dept. of English
Camosun College
3100 Foul Bay Rd.
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