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But wait . . . your two scenarios for Eliot's view both involve Israel
getting nuked.  Pat was a vigorous proponent of the view that Eliot was
PHILO-semitic.  How does that square?

Eliot didn't make the Seven Day war, but obviously made it well past the
Sinai crisis.  I join you in asking if anyone knows whether he made any
recorded comment on the British Mandate, founding of Israel, Sinai, etc.
FWIW, Stravinsky recorded in his Esquire memoir of Eliot
that Eliot was suspicious of an anti-European plot (or
something to that effect) being hatched in the UN.
That's hardly enough to build a case one, but perhaps it
merits investigating whether he disliked the UN enough
to dislike its work such as mandating the founding of
Israel. If it could mandate a new nation, it could mandate
interference with old ones, only theoretically, of course. :)

Wish I had more to offer.
That's it.
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