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>There is a disturbing attitude in this country, from what I read, that if
>the French or a million Brits or anyone disagrees with Bush they must just
>be wrong and childish ("someone has to be an adult") or treacherous (we
>saved France so they should. . . ) or stupid or mad.

this post pertains to france, solely france, & only france.

"l'effroyable imposture," (aka "the horrifying fraud" or "the big lie") a
book authored by former leftist activist & current conspiracy theorist
thierry meyssan, arguing that 09/11 attacks were carried out by a right-wing
american cabal, was published in march of 2002, 5 months after lemonde's
burst of transantlantic fraternite, sprayed all over the front page, went
something like this: "we are all americans." here are two snippets of the
treatment "l'effroyable imposture" got in the french media:

"the pseudotheories of "the big lie" feed off the paranoid
anti-americanism that is one of the permanent components of the french
political caldron"
    gerard dupuy, editor @ liberation.

"its very grave to encourage the idea that something which is real is in
fact fictional. its the beginning of totalitarianism."
    edwy plenel, news editor @ lemonde

despite being universally ridiculed in every single french media outlet, the
book sold approx. 100,000 copies in its first week of release & has gone on
to rack up, according to its own publisher "over half a million in sales
worldwide." 280,000 of these, the publisher claims, have ocurred in france.

(numbers & quote #1 reported in nyt 06/22/02; referenced @;
quote #2 ref. @

here is what the table of contents for "l'effroyable imposture" looks like:

Part One: A Bloody Mise-en-Scène

Chapter 1: The Phantom Airplane of the Pentagon
Chapter 2: Accomplices on the Ground
Chapter 3: Moles at the White House
Chapter 4: The FBI Gesticulates

Part Two: The Death of Democracy in America

(i cant resist this opportunity to point this one out: a proud frenchman,
heir to the noble tradition of the reign of terror & ww2 collaborationism,
has the nerve to write of "the death of democracy." niiiiiiiiiice.)

Chapter 5: Counter-Attack or Godsend?
Chapter 6: From Funeral Oration to Holy War
Chapter 7: Full Powers

Part Three: The Empire Attacks

Chapter 8: It?s Bin Laden?s Fault
Chapter 9: The Affairs Continue
Chapter 10: Secret Ops
Chapter 11: The Conspiracy

editions carnot also published "le pentagate," a sequel elaborating on the
ideas presented in "l'effroyable imposture" by the same author, in june of
2002. the publishing house claims to have sold 350,000 copies so far,
220,000 of them in france.

(editions carnot press releases & catalog available @

to place things into statistical perspective:

total french pop: 59,765,983 (as of 06/2002 est., ref.

total usa pop: 280,562,489 (as of 06/2002 est., ref.

france sales               vs        equivalent us sales

l'effroyable imposture:
280,000/60,000,000 = 0.47% => 0.47% of 280,000,000 => 1,320,000
le pentagate:
220,000/60,000,000 = 0.37% => 0.37% of 280,000,000 => 1,040,000
both books:
500,000/60,000,000 = 0.83% => 0.83% of 280,000,000 => 2,320,000

but, come on; is just a book, nest pas?

in france's presidential elections of anno domini 2002, monsieur lepen,
representative of "the national front party," a documented anti-semite,
often-described as a neo-fascist, a ww2 collaborationist wartime leader who,
i quote, "thinks that France's problems could be solved by getting rid of
unwanted minorities" got 17.2% of votes in round #1 & 19.7% in round #2.

(numbers & quote uk observer 04/28/02, ref. @,11363,706611,00.html &,11363,706637,00.html)

alas, tis the bush administration & the horrendous american midwest whose
block vote elected him that is reactionary and prejudiced, probably because
the international policy of the u.s. is spearheaded by its first black
secretary of state, not to mention girded by the support & advice of ms
condoleezza rice.

if all of this does not necessarily indicate that french popular opinion is
'stupid or 'mad' it certainly indicates it is, at the very best,
pathologically deluded, or, at the very worst, virulently anti-american.

but lets leave all of that aside.

one of the loudest complaints from the french camp has been of "US
unilateralism." let us compare & contrast: where the US has co-opted the un
security council & is continually working within the framework of the
international body, france, in conjunction w/ germany & belgium, has blocked
nato planning w/r/t providing military help to turkey in case of an iraqi
attack. it is worthwhile mentioning, i believe, that the three (3)
dissenting nations were confronted w/ a majority of sixteen (16) who favored
providing turkey w/ military help.

the 16-3 stalemate was broken only after nato invoked a defense committe
meeting, an administrative function france has withdrawn from in the 60s,
courtesy general degaulle. germany & belgium have conceded, but only once
the single contrarian voice of france has been effectively bypassed could
nato serve its raison detre, to provide security for one of its member
nations. key phrase: "The [Defense Planning] committee excludes France,
which opposed the move."

if that isn't proof enough, consider president chiracs vituperative lash @
the address of no less than 13 central & eastern-european nations who had
the nerve to publically assert their solidarity w/ american policy,
suggesting their candidacy to the EU may be endangered because of (mon dieu,
quelle horreur) pursuing an international policy which didnt toe the french

wonderfully multilateral & egalitarian, nest pas?

(by the way: those who arent entirely familiar w/ this wonderful character
called chirac would do well to check for some enlightening

let us, on top of that, add frances bullying of democratically elected
president laurent bgabbo, of cote divoire, aka ivory coast, in brokering a
peace agreement between loyalist military & insurgent rebels, a peace
agreement vehemently opposed by a huge majority of the native population but
adamantly enforced by 3000 french troops present on ivory coast soil, and
lets not forget how french military rushed to rescue the very same rwanadan
regime which has commited ethnic genocide against the tutsi tribe:

i didnt hear anything about a un security council resolution about these
intreprid muscheteers; did anybody else?

(purely for historical purposes: french occupation, domination & abject
exploitation of the greater area of indochina --cambodia, laos &
vietnam--make US incursions of '65 to '73 look a like a bleeping stroll in
the park, & dont even get me started on the algerian war of independence,
complete with mass arrests, liberally-applied torture & war-time atrocities

its worth noting that president chirac is at this very moment rubbing elbows
with zimbabwe's hoodlum-in-chief mugabe, a dictator who is currently
starving out an estimate 2 million of his countrymen through a land-reform
projects which involves deposing white farmers of their land & distributing
it to his cronies & extended family.

where one may reluctantly agree that chancellor schroeder has, at the very
least, a (rather recent) history of german pacificism to fall back on,
french officials have, incontestably, resorted to the crassest forms of
opportunistic obstructionism, petit big-brother intimidation & bombastic,
unilateral posturing.

im going to have to dissent w/ prof. gish & irrevocably side with
groundskeeper willie on this one:



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