I would prefer to answer this in private, but because no e-mail address was given, I will reply publicly. I am also assuming, James, that you are in the St. Louis area since you inquired about the WGNSS walk (no location was given either) 
IMO, the Saturday WGNSS walks are better suited for adults with some birding experience. The Sunday WGNSS walks might be a more suitable pace for kids, but would ask the trip co-ordinator, Kent Lannert.
See www.wgnss.org for full listing of walks and contact info.  
The St. Louis Audubon Society (SLAS) walks welcome all levels of birders and help will be provided to those that need it. We have had kids on the walks and they seemed to do well for an hour or two (you can leave at any time)
There are no regular walks for kids only with either organization, but SLAS
was educational programs geared toward children on occasion. Go to www.stlouisaudubon.org for more info on education programs.
NOTE: MO Dept. of Conservation (MDC) has programs at the following St. Louis Conservation Areas (CA): Powder Valley, Rockwoods and Busch CA.
Call the following numbers for more info:
Rockwoods (SW St. Louis co) - 636-458-2236
Busch Ca (St. Charles co, just off of Hwy 94/40) - 636-441-4554
Powder Valley - (near I-270/I-44) 314-301-1500 - probably the best with the largest variety of programs geared toward kids.
You can also go to the MDC website for more info too:
According to the "Making Tracks" newsletter - the newsletter you can get in the mail or at each of the above CA detailing programs to be presented.
January is a big EAGLE month, so there are programs being offered by MDC in the "St. Louis Area" (free of charge that I can see): 
1) Jan 18 &19 (8 AM both days) at Old Chain of Rocks Bridge in N. St. Louis county
2) Jan 25 & 26 at Lock and Dam 24 & the Apple Shed Theater, Clarksville, MO
To receive a brochure by mail with directions to all Eagle Days events, go to the MDC website listed above, Keyword: Eagle Days
OR call 573-751-4115 ext. 3289
Other options for eagle programs hosted by the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) and the World Bird Sanc (WBS) - registration fee required: Adults $3, kids, $2.  People will see raptors and eagles up close provided by the WBS.
Programs are 45 - 60 minutes long. Call 877-962-6979 for registration and more info.  
1) Jan 18 & 19 Clarksville, MO
2) Great Rivers Museum (Riverlands EDA), Alton, IL.
Hope this helps.
On another note......... 
What ever happened to signing msgs with full name, e-mail address and city/county? If you are making an RFI, maybe one should include at least an e-mail address so people can respond off-list and not clutter up the listserve.  
MANY thanks in advance. :-)
Charlene Malone
Chesterfield, MO/St. Louis co
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Are reservations required? Is this a good thing for my kids or is this more adult oriented?


I take my kids out in the woods and we end up looking for birds and trying id them, but I would like to find a program about birding for them. Any suggestions?



On another note…..


Two weeks ago we put a new feeder by our house. It took a week before the birds, mostly sparrows, chickadees and cardinals found it. Last Sunday at 11 am I was looking at the feeder when all of a sudden the birds just disappeared and 5 seconds later this magnificent large hawk swooped up and landed about 5 feet from the feeder on my deck rail. I was about 8 feet from this bird, and very thankful right then for whoever discovered that melting sand makes glass! I would not have wanted to be right beside this animal as he (or she) was obviously hungry and looking for a snack of fresh little bird! It was amazing to be so close and see the twitching of the head as it scanned for what was available, the detail in the feathers, and especially the powerful talons. I’ve never been so close to a Coopers Hawk and before I knew it, it was flying away with a powerful leap into the air. This is the third time I’ve seen this bird in the last two months.



Thanks –




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