Mervyn Peake was the son of a missionary, born in China, 1911, childhood in Tientsin, sent 'home' to public school in England, lived on the Island of Sark, then Sussex, called up in WWII, returned to Sark with wife and family then moved back to Kent.  Probably spoke a plummy Queen's English .. but who knows?
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Hey Fran --
Thanks for the challenge -- it's nice to have some fun every now and then.
One peculiarity I noticed. I'd never heard of this Mr Peake, but he must be American, anyway. In fact, the rhyme tunes/moons works only for American English speakers. /t/ is a coronal and there's a different pronounciation in AE and BE for /t/ when it's located in front of /u/. In AE it's pronounced /tu/, whereas in BE the pronounciation is /tju/. So, in the USA /tuns/ is a rhyme to /muns/; in UK, /tjuns/ is not.
I mean, it's unbelievable all the stuff a poet must take into consideration before writing a rhyming pattern.