I agree here with Greg, except that I hear a common hymnodic elision
between "the" and "intolerable," sometimes printed as "th' in" or with a
half-moon sort of thing linking the "e" to the "in,"  hence
      _    /  _  /  _      /   _    /
"Th' in tol er a ble shirt of flame"
Not that it would actually be *read* that way, but that is the implied
meter ticking behind it, by my reckoning.
Also, I don't think anyone pointed out that the first stanza has a
strongly implied tetrameter scansion (using a "feminine" final foot on
second and fourth lines (terror/error), but also having the trimeter
third line "Of which the tongues declare."

J. P. Earls, OSB
St. John' University
Collegeville, MN  56321

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As I look at the way my post has come back to me, I'd like to
appologize for the scan marks being skewed from the lines of the
poem--that's not what it looked like as I transmitted it. Rather than
resubmit the entire post hoping it will come out the way I want, I'll
let the majority stand and offer a correction on the line I had
difficulties with. Line four in my opinion should read:
_     _   /      _ /     _    /         _   /
The intol    era    ble shirt   of flame

Rather than:
_      _  /      _ _ _       /     _    /
The intol    erable    shirt of flame

Hope this one flies! --Greg--