Some web browsing brought me to this page that I found interesting
enough to point the list to.,,49012_1_0,00.html?cs=10

    Hieronymo's Mad Againe: On Translating Nerval by Richard Sieburth

    My initial point of entry into Nerval - and in this I think I'm fairly
    representative of most English-speaking readers of modern poetry - was
    the close of Eliot's Waste Land. It was there that I first encountered
    the mysterious line "Le Prince d'Aquitaine  la tour abolie" (from
    Nerval's sonnet "El Desdichado"), lodged amid a multilingual mosaic of
    fragments ...

A description of the book is found at:

    Nerval: Selected Writings
    Gerard de Nerval - Author
    Richard Sieburth - Translator/introduction/note(s)
    Book: Paperback | 129 x 198mm | 448 pages | ISBN 014044601X |
    Jan 1999 | Penguin Classic

    Rick Parker