Robert, Justin,
    The Ackroyd biography has a of Eliot with his cat  George. He's seated in
a chair in what looks like a library or study--a room filled with books.
The biography also has this to say about Eliot's "personal behavior" with
regards to cats: "Eliot's own affection for small rather than large animals is
sufficiently well known, and he was the owner (or patron) of a succession
of cats with names like Pettipaws, Wiscus and George Pushdragon--he used
the latter name when entering crossword competitions in Time and Tide"
(page 251 of the American edition--Simon and Schuster, 1984).


Meyer Robert K GS-9 99 CES/CECT wrote:

I haven't looked at my copy of the Ackroyd bio of TSE for a couple of years,
but I seem to remember one of the photos of him in it with a cat. I can look
at it this evening to see if I'm right. Maybe he's seated at a desk, but I
really can't say.

Robert Meyer
an Eliot fan

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Subject: t.s. eliot and his many cats

Hi, I just got on this list. I'm very excited. I'm
wondering if there are any T.S. Eliot experts out
there who know about Eliot's interactions with his
cats. I've heard he was a big cat fan, and of course
he wrote the Old Possum poems, but I want to know
about his personal life with cats. I'm writing an
article for CATFANCY Magazine on cats in poetry and
the history of cats in poetry, and thought T.S. would
be a good figure to include. If you know about this
topic and want to be possibly quoted in the article,
then tell me your full name and why you're an
expert--i.e. professor, biographer, fan, etc.--I have
only till January 13, so reply quickly.

Thanks everyone!

Justin Sanders

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