Peter Montgomery wrote:
> but the FACT of the matter, is, I assure you,
> true. Bradley used cats for target practise.

Perhaps he was a disciple of Eugen Duhring:

        Finally, one more revelation which is "from the ground up original" but
for that reason no less "going to the root of things." With regard to
the origin of evil, "the fact that the _type of the cat_ with the guile
associated with it is found in animal form, stands on an even plane with
the circumstance that a similar type of character is found also in human
beings. . . .There is therefore nothing mysterious about evil, unless
someone wants to scent out something mysterious in the existence of a
_cat_ of any animal of prey." Evil is -- the cat. The devil therefore
has no horns or cloven hoof, but claws and green eyes. And Goethe
committed an unpardonable error in presenting Mephistopheles as a black
dog instead of a black cat. Evil is the cat! That is morality, not only
for all worlds but also--for cats!^
        F. Engels, _Anti-Duhring_ (Moscow, 1969), p. 115*****

^In German a play on words: fur die Katz denotes something utterly
useless or wasted effort.


(Duhring claimed that his moral & political theory was good not only for
human society but, having gone to the root of things, was good for all
possible worlds.)