Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> Here's a poem I've read in the NEW YORKER, reminding me of
> architectural observations on Fire Island.

And Fire Island and poetry reminds me of something.  Long ago I was
reading an anthology of modern poetry where there was a short
biography of each poet before the selection of his or her works.  One
after another was depressed and committed suicide early.  I came to
Frank O'Hara and noticed his short lifespan (1926-66) and pictured yet
another poet choosing suicide.  I'm sorry, but I laughed with relief
when I read that he died after being hit by a dune buggy while at the
beach at Fire Island (but then I laughed aloud and alone for a half an
hour after just reading about the death of Chuckles the Clown episode
on the Mary Tyler Moore show.)

Anyway, the Modern American Poetry website has a Frank O'Hara subsite

    Rick Parker