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Their findings were:

- Its potential of addiction is vastly inferior to alcohol and nicotine.
- No danger of OD, either.
- The only relevant health problem seems to be the obstructive effect on the
lungs which appears to be considerably higher than tobacco tar.

Grass is worse on the lungs because one holds in grass for a few seconds.  Without doubt, nicotine is far more addictive than either alcohol or grass.  In fact, for most people, neither alcohol nor grass is physically addicting like nicotine. And most scientists and physicians now agree that moderate alcohol consumption is very very good.  However, having said all that, you go to any large city at night and see homeless teens and young people addicted to crack and heroine and it's just too sad. And many of them didn't run away because they were abused, but rather, because they wanted to live their own lives. They grew tired of their parents' demands, expectations, etc. What they didn't understand was that they needed some education, a job, etc. to live their own lives in the way that they had imagined for themselves.