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>> For the potheads on the list:
>> Medical Marijuana Clash Puts a Grower in Court.
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>> A cannabis celebrity's prosecution exposes a rift between California and the
>> Bush administration over medical marijuana.
>> On Tuesday, Mr. Rosenthal goes on trial in federal court in San Francisco on
>> charges of marijuana cultivation and conspiracy. The charges stem from . . .
> Whatever the charges stem from, the government should leaf him alone.
> Tom K

Funny pun,
dear Tom!

I've been underestimating your verbal creativity ;-)
Hadn't noticed the STEM!

And so true, too.

Due to the forthcoming new Swiss law on legalizing private consumption of
grass there was a scientific article in today's Zurich paper on THC.

Their findings were:

- Its potential of addiction is vastly inferior to alcohol and nicotine.
- No danger of OD, either.
- The only relevant health problem seems to be the obstructive effect on the
lungs which appears to be considerably higher than tobacco tar.

Nevertheless, the Merkans are paranoid about it. Oh well -- shit happens.


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