Carrol Cox wrote:

>I have Auden's 1945 _Collected Poems_ -- and there is no poem in that
>called "The Orators." (I presume it was written before 1936 to be quoted
>by Empson in that year.) Could someone give the text of the poem?
>Also, is the "Well?" part of Empson's prose or is it part of the quote
>from Auden?

I understand from the layout that Empson is quoting these two lines from
_The Orators_:

     As a matter of fact the farm was in Pembrokeshire.

I have to hand Auden's 1966 (USA publ. 1967) revision.  I can't find the
two lines.  Either they have been revised away, or I've missed them.
 The work is a book, which contains both poetry and prose (and line
drawings).  The epilogue (in this edition) may be familiar to you:

    'O Where are you going?' said reader to rider,'