am 1.1.2003 6:03 Uhr schrieb Carrol Cox unter [log in to unmask]:

> I read the lines as all having three stresses with varying numbers of
> unstressed syllables. But that's off the top of my head and I wouldn't
> go to the wall over it.
> Why do you think the lines are so central?
> Carrol

Dear Carrol,

first off, I seem to have kicked off a debate for which I am hopelessly
unequipped to contribute anything valid. Just to give you an idea, I had to
look up the meaning of the terms "prosody" and "scansions" in my Webster...

As for my assumption on the importance of the verse within 4Q:

It is the very same I attribute to the capitalized "Name" of Love, of its
meaning which I am unable to describe any better than Julian of Norwich did.

What else could ever be more important? Somewhere in the Bible there is an
observation on hope, faith and love, and the latter being the most



"Have you noticed that quite often when you leave someone they ask you to
relay an affectionate message to someone else? They'll say "Give my love to
Klaus. Tell Klaus Rebecca sends her love." Do you mind that? Do you mind
being used that way? The awesome responsibility of carrying Rebecca's love
to Klaus? Suppose you don't see Klaus? What do you do with Rebecca's love?
Carry it around? Give it to someone else?

--George Carlin