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Valerie Eliot wrote:

> Depressed by Pound's reaction to the main passage, Eliot wrote: 'Perhaps
> better omit Phlebas also ? ? ?

Steve Pollack wrote:

> Why would Eliot be depressed if he didn't care what Pound cut for
> publication?

The question should be why Valerie Eliot thought TSE has depressed about
the deletions.  He may have been depressed about Vivian's housekeeping
while he was gone.

Eliot's letter to Pound is on page 504 of Letters, Vol. I

    Cher maitre,

    Critisisms accepted so far as understood, with thanks.

    [Then a list of questions and comments, including the Phlebas one.]

    Complimenti appreciated, as have been excessively depressed.

    Rick Parker