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> Because much of the longer poem was
> personal it didn't matter much to Eliot
> that it wouldn't be seen and
> the parts that Ezra deemed worthy
> were all that was needed.
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>      Rick Parker

How does your notion that the parts Pound cut "didn't matter much to Eliot
that it wouldn't be seen" correlate with this note from Valerie Eliot in the
TWL Facsimile edition (page 129):


Depressed by Pound's reaction to the main passage, Eliot wrote: 'Perhaps
better omit Phlebas also ? ? ? , 'I DO advise keeping Phlebas' replied Pound.
'In fact I more'n advise. Phlebas is an integral part of the poem; the card
pack introduces him, the drowned phoen. sailor. And he is needed ABsolootly
where he is. Must stay in.'


Why would Eliot be depressed if he didn't care what Pound cut for publication?

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