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This same group came to my hometown(Wakefield, MA) for a "meeting". 

I actually grew up in Peabody, MA, about 15 minutes or so from Wakefield.  In fact, when I was around 20 or so, I dated a young man from Wakefield.  I remember Wakefield has this large pond with some woods and on a Saturday night, my friend and I would ride up there to meet some friends after dinner or whatever and we would all then listen to music and drink.  It was a big hang out place; probably still is.

In a free society, one can say and believe as he or she wants; therefore, the KKK and similar groups have the right to meet; that the people of the towns these groups visit peaceably protest and tell them what they think of them is the best response.  It's just difficult for me to understand how any American, raised in our kind of society with education and all the diversity, can hold these ignorant views of superiority based on race and can hate others, strangers, based on the same ignorance.  It's one thing that a person my believe himself or herself superior because that person believes he or she is more intelligent than most people, or more creative than most people, or even more beautiful than most others, but to consider oneself superior merely because one's parents were white with ancestors of English descent is like a joke, and to hate whole masses of other people is inhuman.  I suspect, in fact, that the people who belong to such groups have a lot of hatred for humanity and probably for themselves as well.