Peter Montgomery wrote:
> ou've raised a questionin my mind, Rickard.
> I was always under the impression, goodness
> knowsfrom where, that Eliot abandoned the
> poem to E.. because he(Eliot)was in no mental
> state to work on it. My impression culd be
> all wrong, but I would like tosee sme evidence
> to the contrary, if poss.

Then see: North, Michael,  ed.: The Waste Land: T.S. Eliot

See more book details at:

This collection has three things that may interest you.

Lyndall Gordon's appendix to her book on the composition of TWL (or at
least a portion of the appendix.)

Helen Gardner's "The Waste Land: Paris 1922" on the editing process
and some of the Eliot/Pound give and take.

Lawrence Rainey's "The Price of Modernism: Publishing The Waste Land"
discussed on this list before.

By the way, the cover illustration on the book (seen at the webpage
above) is the illustration that appered in the November, 1922 Dial on
the page before "The Waste Land."  I don't think it was meant to
illustrate the poem though.

    Rick Parker