Dear Robert,

It is an interesting difference.  The fact that they were coming was all over
Maine news for many weeks, and the planning for a counter demonstration
was even more constant.  So everyone knew they were making a choice
to turn their back on the hate rally by going to the counter rally.  So it was
not, in Maine, a non-answer.  But it is wonderful that in both places people
rejected neo-Nazis totally.

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There was little or no publicity about the Wakefield neo-nazi meeting
outside of Wakefield.  I found out about it speaking to some neighbors.
The counter meeting was wonderful with some local leaders making
children performing, etc.  As I was watching all of this I was thinking
what if no one showed up at the library to protest?  If that was the case
did that mean that the people of Wakefield accepted this group meeting in
their town?  That would be intolerable for me.  I was relieved to see
thousands of people in the street near the library protesting nonviolently


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>Dear Robert,
>First of all, correction of my previous post:  the morning paper said
>4,500 at the counter rally.  Second, I agree with you about being at the
>place, and I agree in principle that hate speech should be challenged.
>Quite a few people did that here also, and there was only one arrest.
>But I think the dynamics might be a bit different because it was news all
>over the state here, and the simple absence at the hate rally contrasted
>to the counter rally made a big impression I think.  The counter rally
>was so well orchestrated with so many key government figures that it was
>a powerful statement. Best, Nancy
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>This same group came to my hometown(Wakefield, MA) for a "meeting".
>meeting was held in our magnificent library.  The trustees of the library
>decided that they could not prevent this neo-nazi group from meeting
>after consulting their lawyers.  Similar to the recent events in Maine
>there was a counter demonstration in Wakefield at the same time as the
>neo-nazi meeting.
>   I attended the counter demonstration held at a church not far from the
>library.  The theme was about love and tolerance.  A large crowd
>attended. However, I questioned whether this was a proper response.  I
>decided that I should in some way show my outrage at what was happening
>in my town.  I walked to the library and to my amazement it was like
>walking on to a movie set.  Main Street was closed, thousands of people
>were in the streets, hundreds of riot police in full battle gear
>surrounded the library.  Only about a dozen people attended the meeting
>in contrast to the thousands of people outside protesting.  Somehow I
>felt that standing outside the library in protest was the proper
>response.  The protest was peaceful except for one incident of a
>protester hitting a member of the nazi group over the head with a sign
>causing a concussion.
>Bob Summers
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> >Subject: Proud of Maine--OT
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> >
> >Dear List Members,
> >
> >I feel very proud of Maine tonight, and I hope many of you will find
> >this interesting.
> >
> >A neo-Nazi hate group called "The World Church of the Creator" came to
> >Maine to openly call for the removal of the Somali community in
> >Lewiston. These are the people whose leader, Matt Hale, was arrested in
> >Chicago last week on charges of soliciting the murder of a judge.  They
> >are proud about being against everyone--blacks, Jews, Asians, gays,
> >anyone not "white" by their definition--and being about "love" of white
> >people.
> >
> >Anyway, Lewiston spent a couple months planning for them:  they
> >organized an alternative rally called "Many and One" and arranged a
> >space for the hate group to do their thing--protected by riot police
> >and snipers. They arrived--12 of them--and went in to the building with
> >the Mainers who came to hear them.  8 came.  At the other rally, 4000
> >came, including the new governor, the attorney general of Maine,
> >Senator Snowe, and people from the whole state.
> >
> >The Lewistorn administration was pretty thoughtful about it.
> >Unfortunately,
> >they found, the only available venue for the hate group was five miles
> >out of town and had room for only about 40 people, but as only 12 + 8
> >arrived, it was comfortable.  But it did require a long walk in Maine
> >winter to make it. It's still above zero, though, this week.
> >
> >Thousands streamed into the alternative rally (also walking far in the
> >cold) to say no one wanted the "World Church" in Maine and they were
> >wasting their time.
> >
> >I had planned to go but was unable to, but I watched the news all day.
> >And it seems a kind of wonderful thing I wanted to tell about this
> >state. Nancy
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