Dear Robert,

First of all, correction of my previous post:  the morning paper said 4,500
at the counter rally.  Second, I agree with you about being at the place,
and I agree in principle that hate speech should be challenged.  Quite a
few people did that here also, and there was only one arrest.  But I think
the dynamics might be a bit different because it was news all over the
state here, and the simple absence at the hate rally contrasted to the
counter rally made a big impression I think.  The counter rally was so well
orchestrated with so many key government figures that it was a powerful

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This same group came to my hometown(Wakefield, MA) for a "meeting".
meeting was held in our magnificent library.  The trustees of the library
decided that they could not prevent this neo-nazi group from meeting after
consulting their lawyers.  Similar to the recent events in Maine there was
a counter demonstration in Wakefield at the same time as the neo-nazi
  I attended the counter demonstration held at a church not far from the
library.  The theme was about love and tolerance.  A large crowd attended.
However, I questioned whether this was a proper response.  I decided that
I should in some way show my outrage at what was happening in my
town.  I
walked to the library and to my amazement it was like walking on to a
movie set.  Main Street was closed, thousands of people were in the
streets, hundreds of riot police in full battle gear surrounded the
library.  Only about a dozen people attended the meeting in contrast to
the thousands of people outside protesting.  Somehow I felt that standing
outside the library in protest was the proper response.  The protest was
peaceful except for one incident of a protester hitting a member of the
nazi group over the head with a sign causing a concussion.

Bob Summers

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>Subject: Proud of Maine--OT
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>Dear List Members,
>I feel very proud of Maine tonight, and I hope many of you will find this
>A neo-Nazi hate group called "The World Church of the Creator" came to
>Maine to openly call for the removal of the Somali community in Lewiston.
>These are the people whose leader, Matt Hale, was arrested in Chicago
>last week on charges of soliciting the murder of a judge.  They are proud
>about being against everyone--blacks, Jews, Asians, gays, anyone not
>"white" by their definition--and being about "love" of white people.
>Anyway, Lewiston spent a couple months planning for them:  they
>organized an alternative rally called "Many and One" and arranged a space
>for the hate group to do their thing--protected by riot police and
>snipers. They arrived--12 of them--and went in to the building with the
>Mainers who came to hear them.  8 came.  At the other rally, 4000 came,
>including the new governor, the attorney general of Maine, Senator Snowe,
>and people from the whole state.
>The Lewistorn administration was pretty thoughtful about it.
>they found, the only available venue for the hate group was five miles
>out of town and had room for only about 40 people, but as only 12 + 8
>arrived, it was comfortable.  But it did require a long walk in Maine
>winter to make it. It's still above zero, though, this week.
>Thousands streamed into the alternative rally (also walking far in the
>cold) to say no one wanted the "World Church" in Maine and they were
>wasting their time.
>I had planned to go but was unable to, but I watched the news all day.
>And it seems a kind of wonderful thing I wanted to tell about this state.

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