I don't know if it is accurate to say he abandoned it, but Eliot was certainly
depressed, anxious, and debilitated at the time, and he gave sections to
Pound when he was on his way to Lausanne.  So he may well have just
not felt so certain of his own judgment at the time.

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From: Rickard A. Parker
The poem, as given to Pound, was finished in Eliot's mind.  He
exorcised his demons.  The poem that Pound helped create was could be
by Eliot as another poem, intended for publication.

ou've raised a questionin my mind, Rickard.
I was always under the impression, goodness
knowsfrom where, that Eliot abandoned the
poem to E.. because he(Eliot)was in no mental
state to work on it. My impression culd be
all wrong, but I would like tosee sme evidence
to the contrary, if poss.