It seems worth noting that Old English is a Germanic language and that it
is easier to learn it if you speak German than if you speak modern
English.  Because the changes (post 1066) took place more slowly and
less completely in the north than the south, modern Scots is much closer
to German and shares sounds lost in modern English (the sound of Loch,
licht, and muir--which get mispronounced by English and Amercans as "k"
and "oo," and has many more cognates:  "ken" is know; for example,
"licht" is light in both languages; "kirk" is "kirche" and "night" is "nicht."
So I think we really have as a history an invasion of German by French
that became "English" and the reversal of English words in German is just
part of a constant process.  But I think the Germans should refuse to let
their version be invaded.

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Gunnar Jauch wrote:
> Here's a funny site on the (mis)use of the apostrophe:
> Although it is in German, you will understand it.
> It also depicts nicely the among Germans so often deplored invasion of
> English language upon ours.
> Gunnar

Most beautiful invasion of English by German I've ever seen. :-) That
construction can drive the anglophone student of German or Russian out of
his/her mind.