From: Justin Sanders

Hi, I just got on this list. I'm very excited. I'm
wondering if there are any T.S. Eliot experts out
there who know about Eliot's interactions with his

Well, as you may know, Justine, anyone who has had
to suffer through the study of an author for an extended
period usually becomes totally put off with everything about
that personage -- all the way from how he dots his eyes to
how he bloes his knows. Well Eliot did such a study on such
an author, who's name was F.H. Bradley. It seems that old Brad
Boy detested cats to the absolute, nether, nth degree, even to
the point of using them for shooting target practise out his
window when they were so foolish as to venture through the commons
of which ever academic cubby hole he inhabited.

Now, if one is wise, one might debate the degree to which I'm
being serious here, which is a warnng to those who take me FAR
too seriously, but the FACT of the matter, is, I assure you,
true. Bradley used cats for target practise.

So if E. came to detest B. he might well have affected his feline
affections, out of vengence.

Harpy New Year.