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Identity & Space
An Interdisciplinary Conference and Publication

May 2-3, 2003
Binghamton, New York

We solicit papers from any discipline to explore the relationship
between identity, visuality, and space.  We aim to examine the
formation of identities in physical, social, temporal, and discursive
spaces.  How does identity interact with the physical?  What are the
temporal understandings of identity?  How might the discursive field
limit and produce identity?  What are the social expressions of

Possible topics include:

INSTITUTIONAL SPACES: academia, museums, religion, government

URBAN SPACES: urban architecture, public art, city planning and
policy, ethnic enclaves, suburbia, graffiti

MARGINAL & LIMINAL SPACES: peripheries, frontiers, mortuaries,
outsider art, the Other, hybridity

COLONIAL/POSTCOLONIAL SPACES: subject formation, decolonization,
anticolonialism, resistance

NATIONAL/TRANSNATIONAL SPACES: globalization, circulation of objects,
immigration, virtual communities, diasporas, tourism and travel

PERFORMATIVE SPACES: gender and the body, sexuality, race, ceremony,
theater, fashion

COMMERCIAL SPACES: advertising, consumerism, popular culture,
patronage, the art market

REPRESENTATION & SPACE: representations of space, city/landscape
illustrations, cartography, graphics of places

Conference panels include, but are not limited to: Medieval and
Renaissance Studies, Social Representations of Latin America, African
Identity in the Diaspora, Women and Gender Studies, and the
Commodification of Culture.

We invite paper and panel proposals, and encourage creative, informal,
and interactive presentations (e.g. video, performance art,
interactive multimedia, etc.). Submit one-page (250 words) abstracts
or presentation proposals along with a CV, mailing address, phone
number, and email address by March 1, 2003.

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Send submissions to:
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Maggie Carlise
Crossing the Boundaries
c/o Art History Department
SUNY Binghamton
PO Box 6000
Binghamton NY, 13902

Sponsored by *Crossing the Boundaries XI* and *Envisioning: Studies in
Image and Idiom*