The point that a lot of people don't get is that in spite
of the validity that points such as yours may have, the
terrorists still might have thought otherwise. In fact
they obviously did think otherwise.

No one's suggesting they actually did a favur.
Read my statement more carefully.


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They probably read Steele's report on what a boondoggle the towers were,
and got the idea that they were doing everyone a favour by knocking them

They did no one a favor, Peter.  What they did was:  Kill 3000 people
and destroy the lives of all the 3000 people's families; place the world
in the most unstable place it's been in since World War II.  In reality,
nothing is back to normal. The aftermath of it that lives in the hearts
of Americans gives George W. or whoever the power to attack Iraq or
England or whoever.  If what they really wanted was SUV's and cool
technology and clothes, and nice offices for their people to work in,
then they could have gone about it differently; if what they really
wanted was for some Arab people living in Israel to have their own
stretch of land, they could have gone about it differently. But since it
appears that there exists certain insane persons who want everyone to
live according to their beliefs and who really want to destroy the world
on principle, I say to George W.: Take them out.  And hey, Mr. Cox, if
you believe that the Israelis could be a little n! icer to the
Palestinians, perhaps, but I say that the Palestinians could be a lot
nicer to the Israelis, and since the Israelis have more nuclear weapons
than even Britain does and will not go down, and since we certainly will
not, I say let's try being nice.