Dear Harm Tron,
You are not the only undergraduate on the list. I am an undergraduate student myself, at the University of Padova (Italy).
Yes -- I like it best when there's some TSE-related debate on the list, like you do. But there is no reason to talk that way to a person you don't even know, only because she is a professor and you are not. What is this? A sort of adolescent rebellion against the estabilished order? I am sure that you would never speak like that to any professor of yours in Berkeley -- they would kick you out in a moment. It's very much of a sign of covetousness, I'd say.
There is no reason to offend. This is just a mailing list, but the fact that people cannot see each other must not imply lack of respect. I hate such emails as yours more than political debates.
Anyway -- going back to TSE -- I'd have a question. Did TSE know Marlowe's poems well? I've just read Hero and Leander -- the lines when Leander is almost drowned by Neptune and is driven to the bottom of the sea just reminded me about TSE's final lines in Prufrock. I know the mermaids were taken from Donne's Song, but I couldn't help noticing a similarity with Marlowe, at least in the way of describing the bottom of the sea -- as if it were a cameo.
Sara --