I don't think that I can ever be considered a feminist as long as I worship 
Bono the way that I do.  Ha ha.  I know how Nancy loves my personal stories 
so I shall share a couple of them.  I'm not often surprised by life, but I 
have been a couple of times.  One of them - Mom and Dad came to visit Husband 
and Me when we lived in Key West, Florida, about ten years ago now.  A couple 
of months before, I had taped a live performance of U2 in Australia. I played 
for Mom one evening a tiny part of that concert, a "slow" love song titled 
"Blindness."  She watched and listened attentively to Bono and U2's 
performance.  Then she looked me and said with her eyes, 'What do you see in 
this music and this man; I do not understand." And she never would.  Yet, we 
understood each other at that time in many important ways.
While we're still in Key West, I was doing research for a story I was writing 
on gays, and often hung around this wonderful "place," hotel, tiki bar, pool, 
frequented by predominately gay men.  One day, while conducting my research, 
I abruptly asked an "Acquaintance."  - "So, how many of you have Aids, 
anyway."  He took a sip of his drink and gave me a little smile.  "We all 
do," he said.  I looked around the bar and pool area, at all the young men, 
mostly in their 20's and 30's, then put away my notebook and ordered a drink.

Happy Aid's Day,

Kate                          Love is blindness 
I don't want to see 
Won't you wrap the night 
Around me 
Oh my love 

A little death 
Without mourning 
No call 
And no warning 
Baby...a dangerous idea 
That almost makes sense 

Love is drowning 
In a deep well 
All the secrets 
And no one to tell 
Take the money 

Love is blindness 
I don't want to see 
Won't you wrap the night 
Around me 
Oh my love 

             - from "Blindness" by U2