I continue to enjoy the your wit; it is excellent.
You are a wry scamp indeed. Given your remark about
her highness, the royal Woolf, below, who had her own
witty things to observe about Eliot, such as his four
piece armour (aka suit), do you not think it curious
that when we discussed TAMBO and BONES a couple of
weeks back, to do with SWEENEY AG., that there was,
so far as I could see, no hint of unacceptability
in the discussion of mintstrels. Or was there perhaps,
some euphemistic cowardice involved?


Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
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> Fairly active lists like this one

I remember looking once at a page listing literary discussion lists. The
posting to TSE was described as 'slightly frantic'.
I personally have few points of comparison. I remember spending some time on
the Woolf list. It seemed less eventful, certainly less confrontational -
although there was one acrimonious bout when someone accused Woolf of
insensivity because of a reference she made to 'the niggers on the pier at
Brighton' (by which she meant nigger-minstrels). So I guess it may be
preferable not to use such references lightly...


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