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>>> Anyone who disapproves of Hitler's treatment
>>> of the Jews must, to be consistent,
>>> equally disapprove of the Israeli
>>> treatment of Palestinians.
>>> Carrol
>> "Hitler's treatment of the Jews"
>> By "treatment" you mean, of course, the mass roundups of a country's own,
>> unarmed citizens into camps from which they would be poisoned to death by
> You leap to the end of the story. What you need to look like are the
> years prior to that. What form the "final solution" will take in
> Palestine remains to be seen.

Dear Carrol,

I fully agree with you on the unacceptability of Sharon's mistreatment of
the Palestinians (with the tacit approval of the only world superpower able
to put an end to this injustice). Samih Al-Qasim's poems are heartbreaking.

However, as I have written before, your initial comparison strikes me as
thoughtless and dangerous, since it trivializes the horrid deeds of the

Your apology that one should look at the years prior to the "Endlösung"
seems weak indeed. In "Mein Kampf" Hitler had described in detail what he
had in mind with Jewish people.

Your implication of a possible future Jewish "final solution" for the
Palestinians is an insult to every Jew, and especially to the ones who
survived the Holocaust.