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I simply refuse to allow you to spew lies against the Jewish people with
impunity. If your views represent the majority views of the political left
these days, then surely the left has wholly lost its way. If I'm the only one
to confront and challenge your despicable poison, then, as Dante said, I will
stand alone as a party of one.

Hey, Steve, I believe that I answered that ridiculous post before you did.  And the opinions of M. Cox are exactly what you say, anti-Semitic babblings; but while it is not true that liberals in general are anti-Semitic, it is true that the left seems to defend the Arab world in general and whatever they do, terrorists schools, suicide bombings, etc.  Since the "left" is supposedly a group greatly concerned with freedom, I have no idea what they would defend tyrants who keep their people poor, ignorant and in chains, and protect, encourage and fund terrorists.  What I do know is that if the Democrats don't separate themselves completely from this group, then the results of the next election will be even worse than the results of this past one.  They will lose the votes of most moderates (most people) as well as all of the Jewish vote, and the Republicans will truly will be charge of this country as well as future appointments to the Supreme Court.
But, indeed, it is about 78 degrees here and I have a date with the sun.