During the twentieth century, many so-called intellectuals publicly
rationalized away the murderous crimes of communist regimes, especially those
of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. And, of course, history has seen intellectuals like
Ezra Pound extolling the fascist virtues of Mussolini.  So forgive me for
being completely unimpressed with the misguided statements of 800
intellectuals. If 800 people babble the same gibberish, it does not make it
truthful. After all, in the often-sorry history of humankind, people have
been executed for challenging the accepted majority view that the Earth is
the center of the Universe, with the Sun revolving around it.

   I have spent four years on this list writing about Eliot and reading, with
great interest, others' posts about Eliot. That is why I and others joined
this particular list. I find your on-going attempts to usurp the T.S. Eliot
list and turn it into a forum for a diatribe against Israel to be utterly
contemptible and wholly unacceptable. But, as much it goes against every
single reason why I (and others) devote time to this poetry list, I promise
you that I will find the time to challenge each and every one of your
hateful, venomous anti-Semitic posts (Yes, anti-Semitic, though thinly
disguised and wrapped in the intellectual banner of "Anti-Israeli

   I simply refuse to allow you to spew lies against the Jewish people with
impunity. If your views represent the majority views of the political left
these days, then surely the left has wholly lost its way. If I'm the only one
to confront and challenge your despicable poison, then, as Dante said, I will
stand alone as a party of one. Be on notice: your intellectual bankruptcy and
unconscionable prejudices will be publicly exposed and will not go
unchallenged. You can count on it.

-- Steve --