On the sixth day of Christmas
my true love gave to me:
six geese a-laying

The sixth day of Christmas comes awfully close to the end of the year.
And the end of the year is time for Americans to make their last
minute tax deductible charitable contributions.  This year how about
thinking of giving laying geese?

Heifer International loans farmers livestock, a loan that is usually
easily paid back from the animal's offspring or the sale of wool, milk
or eggs (not all from the same animal of course ;-)

Here is a bit of what their FAQ page says:

    What does Heifer do and how do we do it?

    Heifer International combats hunger, alleviates poverty, and restores
    the environment by providing appropriate livestock, training, and
    related services to small-scale farmers worldwide. Heifer helps people
    utilize livestock as an integral component of sustainable agriculture
    and holistic development. Heifer's projects strengthen rural families
    and communities through improved nourishment, increased production and
    the dissemination of skills and knowledge for self-reliance. Care for
    the earth's natural resources is emphasized through training in
    livestock management, pasture improvement, soil conservation,
    forestation and water harvesting.

    Heifer's key concept is that each recipient must pass on to others
    some of the offspring of the farm animals they receive. This
    principle, called "passing on the gift," assures that each participant
    in the program becomes a donor, enhancing dignity and participation in
    each project. Passing on the gift also helps communities to become

If Heifer doesn't sound good to you look up another charity at
    "The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) is a nationally prominent
    charity watchdog service whose purpose is to help donors make informed
    giving decisions."

    Rick Parker