Peter Montgomery wrote:

> I find myself questioning the theory that Madame S. is based on a
> similarly named character in Huxley's Chrome Yellow.

Note that the word in the book title is "Crome" and not "Chrome."

Most accounts I've read just say that the name was a borrowing.  I
think that both the name AND character were borrowed by Eliot since
Huxley was characterizing Russell and his sex drive.  I've got more on
my site about this but I haven't enough time to get into it here and

> If the novel came out in 1921 but Eliot wrote "Burial of the Dead" in
> the first part of 1921, wouldn't Eliot's work have come first?

The Madame Sosotris section is a wrap-up of the poem connecting the
pieces of it and MAY have been added late.  Southam notes Eliot
reading "Crome Yellow" in November 1921.

> Also, Rickard, your note on this in "Exploring" says nothing about
> "had a bad cold" as being slang for a case of gonorrhea.

I see "head cold" as slang for this but I'm not sure when it was first
used.  Can you supply me with more information?

    Rick Parker