Marcia Karp wrote:
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>     Carrol put it well in distinguishing "between 'awful' poems which
> one remembers and ordinary bad verse."  It's not too late to hint that
> you'd like a gift of _The Stuffed Owl: An anthology of Bad Verse_,
> edited by D.B. Wyndham Lewis and Charles Lee, cartoons by Max Beerbohm.

The Intro to that may be what I was vaguely remembering. I've owned it
for many years and it is indeed a delight. If it's still in print it's
worth buying.

A taste of it:

        The two divinest things that man has got,
        A lovely woman in a rural spot.
                        Leigh Hunt
(And parodied by Patmore:

        The two divinest things this world can grab,
        A handsome woman in a hansom cab.)

        So past the strong heroic soul away,
        And when they buried him, the little port
        Had seldom seen a costlier funeral.
                        Tennyson, Enoch Arden

        Entrapt inside a submarine,
        With death approaching on the scene,
        The crew compose their minds to dice,
        More for the pleasure than the vice.
                Congressman H.C. Canfield, Elegy on
                   the Loss of U.S. Submarine S4.


> Marcia