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> .  I know
> one American Jew who not only worries about another Holocaust but also
> laments the dying of the Jewish culture through assimalation.

I've read where the current intermarriage rate for American Jews is 70% and
rising.  And, of course, the result of that is . . . . . . lots of Jewish
people with last names like Anderson, Smith, Miliani, O'Brien . . . .  . . .
I was running with the dog on the beach a few weeks ago when we ran into a
group of people sitting on lounge chairs with bibles on their laps and a
large Israeli flag planted in the sand.  The dog and I stopped in amazement,
out of breath (we had done about two miles at that point).  The flag was
gorgeous, kind of mystical, too.  I remembering wishing that I had a camera.
Then, I looked at the people.  I asked who they were and their intentions.
They were a "Jews" for Jesus group.   As the dog needed a break, I decided to
converse with them for a few minutes and learned finally that among the 12 or
15 persons sitting on the sand, "2" were actually of Jewish descent or said
they were . . . . . and maybe they were. . .  Every ethnic group has a couple
of crazies, Rickard . . . . . .I live in Florida, Rickard, and I know many
Jewish persons, different ages and professions.  Although they are, of
course, all individuals with varying levels of religious belief and practice,
a great proportion of them seemingly secular, they all have one common bond
as it relates to their "Jewish" heritage.  They all love, love, love Israel.
Yes, Rickard, you also read in the paper about protests against the possible
future war with Iraq, but most Americans don't feel that way.  So, Rickard,
wake up and smell the Jasmine . . . . . .I have a Jasmine bush on one side of
my house.  It's fragrance, when in bloom, has the power to make one
intoxicated.  Of course, Jasmine cannot survive in a cold Boston suburb . . .
Alas, neither could I.