Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> you never cease to amaze me. There is hardly a topic where you are NOT
> an authority to rely on.

I wasn't the authority.  I just found one.  By the way, I thanked
Mr. Lowe and he replied immediately appreciating it and indicating, in
essence, that it doesn't happen often.  I can attest to that.  Be
kind, drop a thank you note now and then to website authors.  For
their services they are often paid diddly-squat (has that been a

My ISP used to mail out a daily news-letter with lots of links.  I
really enjoyed easily going to the websites and reading things I
normally wouldn't.  I'm also somewhat curious and the web makes it
easy to check things out.  So, all told, I thought I would check on
the Katenjammer Kids that I used to read and also make them known to
some of the list members from say, India or Sweden, that didn't know
about them.

> It is hard to avoid to create an image of such a person. I can't
> wait to make your acquaintance to get to know you personally and look
> forward to meet you next week.

This is making me feel a bit like a zoo exhibit ;-)   Other list members
have met me and can attest to me not being vicious.  And Pat Sloane
seemed to be amazed that I didn't look like the evil computer geek in
the Jurassic Park movie.

Anyway, maybe next week I'll satisify your curiosity about how old I
am but I may put you though the social torture of having to guess

    Rick Parker